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Webbers Photography

Recently, Webbers Photography based in New Jersey, was in need of a marketing plan as well as some tips and tricks for their existing Facebook Page. I developed a marketing plan for a three-month period to get them started and provided those Facebook tips. Cannot wait to report back on the successes the Webber team will have!

Thomas F. Stokes - Author, Community Builder, and Manifestor

In the Fall of 2020, Mr. Thomas F. Stokes, an Entrepreneur and Author of the book, "Faith For Finances: How to Develop a Wealth Mindset God's Way" based in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, was in need of branding and a marketing plan complete with an overhaul of his LinkedIn profile, the development of a Facebook Page for his business, and a new website that includes a blog. Through a partnership and grant with the Nash Community College Small Business Center, I was contracted to assist him with those efforts. He has only recently been told to fly, so I can't wait to see the successes he experiences in the next three months! I will report back when I do.

Dena on WRAL.jpg
Alossi Renewal Spa

Most Recent Campaign

In early 2020, Alossi Renewal Spa in Garner requested my assistance with developing a marketing plan for a particular campaign as well as press release editing and distribution for that campaign.


The campaign was called "Kindness Can Change the World" and it brought together local area small businesses to collect items for the nonprofit, Note In the Pocket. I helped Alossi develop ideas for the campaign using their Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also partnered with them on their press release, editing and distribution of it to a variety of contacts in the local area resulting in an on-camera interview with WRAL's Ken Smith as the campaign was drawing to a close.


In the end, the campaign involved over 20 Garner-area small businesses and collected a truck load of items for the nonprofit, making it extremely successful for the campaign AND for the brand awareness of Alossi Renewal Spa as well as the local businesses it partnered with!

Earlier Campaigns

  • Assistance with the Choose Local and Small Y'all guidelines and concept. Choose Local and Small Y'all is a grassroots marketing effort for local small businesses in the Garner area and founded by Dena Alossi herself. They have a Facebook Page chock full of all things Garner businesses. This was also in 2020.

  • Enlisted as Presenter on Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses through Dena's membership with the Garner Chamber of Commerce, early 2010s.

  • Video production for a spotlight on the Spa as part of the initiative back in the late 2000s.

Loving Heart Collection 2020.jpg
The Loving Heart Collection

In 2011, Jean Schnaak, Entrepreneur and Designer of  The Loving Heart Collection, was in need of a content marketing plan. I worked with her from creation to inception of that plan. Today, the jewelry of The Loving Heart Collection continues to sparkle for each recipient (and giver) it is meant for, and her content marketing continues to bring in countless sales.

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